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Advanced Multifunction Process Calibrator


IS Intrinsically Safe

Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

  • Operates all instrumentation signals: electrical, temperature, frequency and pressure.
  • Up to two pressure sensors from 250 mmH2O to 10.000 psi.
  • Optional Barometric Reference.
  • Touch Screen display provides easy-to-read data and showing 2 simultaneous variables.
  • Intuitive menu navigation helps in identifying calibrator information for any operational mode.
  • Full Hart configurator (optional), which configures all available HART® devices, with DD library from FieldComm Group.
  • 15 Vdc power supply for 2-wire transmitters, 250 Ω internal resistor configurable.
  • Data Logger function for data acquisition and graphical visualization.
  • Wi-Fi, Pen drive, Hart®, USB connection Host / Device.
  • Automated calibrations and generation of calibration report on direct connected USB printer or generation of PDF file.
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