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Surface Sensor Calibrator


  • Specially designed for surface sensors calibration such as: RTD, thermocouples and thermistors with maximum metrological reliability.
  • Its flat aluminum surface ensures high thermal conductivity and perfect phisical contact between the sensor and the measuring area.
  • 80 mm diameter circular surface area.
  • It has strategically placed heaters under the measurement area to ensure the best temperature stability and uniformity.
  • Includes entrance to accommodate a reference probe.
  • Documenting capability: Communication with computer and Isoplan® Software.

The T-500PS Calibrator generates temperature from ambient up to 500 °C in a large superface and high accuracy area for calibration of surface sensors.
The circular 80 mm diameter area distributes uniformly the temperature which allows the calibration of more than one sensor simultaneously. The calibrator has also input for various types of thermocouples and resistance thermometers. The surface has a lateral hole, where on high accuracy sensor can be used as standard for calibration.
It also has all the common features of the Presys calibrators family: automatic, auxiliary calibrator, communication with the computer and Isoplan® Software etc.

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