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Calibration Baths - for large calibration volume


The T-25NL, T-45NL and T-700PL Calibrators are part of a family of calibration baths designed for large calibration volume. This Calibrator family is ideal to calibrate sensors that require deep insertion.

  • Model T-25NL and T-45NL are 3 in 1 temperature calibrator: dry block, stirred liquid bath for glass thermometers and any shape of temperature sensors and a Black Body source for infrared pyrometers. The T-700PL comes with a dry block and, optionally, a Black Body source.

  • Calibration volume of 35 x 160 mm for the T-25NL and T-45NL and 36 x 155 mm for the T-700PL.

  • The T-700PL generates temperatures from ambient to 700 °C. The T-25NL and T-45NL generate temperatures from –25 °C to 155 °C and –45 °C to 155 °C, respectively, in ambient temperature of 23 °C.

  • Stability of ± 0.02 °C for the T-25NL and T-45NL and ± 0.05 °C for the T-700PL model.

  • External reference thermometer not necessary.

  • Completely automatic calibration with or without the use of a computer.

  • Documenting capabilities: connection with computer and ISOPLAN-5 calibration software.

  • Portable, compact, with carrying case and interchangeable inserts.

The T-25NL, T-45NL and T-700PL models control temperature over the bath or insert with high accuracy in order to calibrate thermocouples, thermoresistances, glass thermometers, thermoswitches,etc. Besides this, the T-25NL and T-45NL come with a stirred liquid bath function and black body target function and the T-700PL comes with a black body target function. Besides providing high accuracy temperature values, they also allow the measurement of signals generated by the thermocouples, thermoresistances and thermoswitches, which are being calibrated. This is possible due to an embedded calibrator specific for these types of signal, including 4-20 mA. They incorporate the function of dry block, standard thermometer and calibrator for RTD and TC sensors, besides mA reading. They present a wide range of programming resources, allowing them to perform automatic calibration of the sensors. In this case, the sensor is placed in the insert and its electrical terminals are connected to the embedded calibrator, the operator defines the calibration points and the number of repetitions, then the process is started so that all the sequence is automatically accomplished. Another way of performing automatic documented calibrations is by means of ISOPLAN-5 calibration software for PC/Windows™

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